Our Impact

600 tons are freely disposed daily

95% disabled persons are unemployed

The Challenge

Kampala alone over 28,000 tons of plastic waste is freely disposed every day without a functioning garbage disposal system in place. Less than half of this plastic waste is collected leaving 51% uncollected plastic waste on the ground. Only 1% of plastic waste is formally recycled. Due to these circumstances, huge amounts of plastic are poorly disposed in open environments and/or burnt causing health and environmental dangers.

On the other hand, people with disabilities are often excluded from full participation in social, economic and educational programs with the assumptions that they are abnormal, slow, less productive and incompetent, resulting in severe poverty for many disabled people. According to Uganda Population and Housing Census 2002, 6 percent of the population i.e., 6.5 million are disabled.

Our Response

Kimuli Collections transforms the plastic waste into crisis in Africa into an inclusive Eco-fashion label providing employment opportunities for disabled tailors and youth through turning plastic polythene into durable, sustainable and waterproof garments and accessories.



Production starts from collecting the plastic bags from dumpsites. This is done by a team of marginalized youths from rural and urban youths who we pay a fair rate compared to what middlemen pay. More than 300kg of plastic is collected every month.


After collecting, the women sort and wash the plastic getting rid off any dirt and mud before drying it in the sun.



The waste is cut depending on the design on of the product to be made. The pieces are then blended with African fabric such as Kitengi, Sisal, and Barkcloth and made into unique fashionable garments (raincoats) and accessories (shopping bags, wallets, laptop cases. For every bag our tailors make sure to fulfill our claim of high-quality products.

Empowering the youth and persons with disabilities increases their chances to contribute to a diverse and just society and contribute to inclusive economic growth.

Our Objectives

Economic independence

Create awareness on sustainable waste management in Africa.

Self determinination

Empower persons with disabilities through providing them skills of artistic fashion and design.

Help people with disabilities

Boost the self-esteem, confidence and positive attitude of disabled persons in order to promote independence, self-sustenance and full participation in the society.

Save the environment

Create awareness on sustainable waste management in Africa.

Empower women

Create awareness on sustainable waste management in Africa.

Make waste resourceful

Create awareness on sustainable waste management in Africa.